Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from 2008-2017, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


Grant Data for the state of New Jersey in 2017
Type District Amount Program Organization
AFGNJ-01 $ 6,858.00Operations and SafetyGloucester, City of
AFGNJ-01 $ 641,905.00Vehicle AcquisitionLaurel Springs Fire Department
AFGNJ-01 $ 111,429.00Operations and SafetyLawnside Volunteer Fire Company #1
AFGNJ-01 $ 126,839.00Regional RequestBerlin Fire Company No.1
AFGNJ-01 $ 153,637.00Operations and SafetyVoorhees Township Fire Department
AFGNJ-01 $ 7,143.00Operations and SafetyHi-Nella Fire Company No.1
AFGNJ-01 $ 46,423.00Operations and SafetyGlendora Volunteer Fire Co
AFGNJ-01 $ 36,620.00Operations and SafetyWoolwich Fire Company
AFGNJ-01 $ 18,286.00Operations and SafetyWESTVILLE FIRE DISTRICT
AFGNJ-01 $ 280,516.00Operations and SafetyWoodbury Fire Department
AFGNJ-02 $ 657,239.00Regional RequestFranklinville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1
AFGNJ-02 $ 129,437.00Operations and SafetyPleasantville Fire Department
AFGNJ-02 $ 133,334.00Operations and SafetyLaureldale Volunteer Fire Rescue Company
AFGNJ-02 $ 10,715.00Operations and SafetyAbsecon City Fire Company No. 1
AFGNJ-02 $ 619,091.00Regional RequestAtlantic City Fire Department
AFGNJ-02 $ 132,286.00Operations and SafetyFerrell Volunteer Fire Co No 1
AFGNJ-03 $ 112,762.00Operations and SafetyIsland Heights Volunteer Fire Company No 1 A NJ Nonprofit Corp
AFGNJ-03 $ 22,273.00Operations and SafetyForked River Volunteer Fire Company No. 1
AFGNJ-03 $ 160,000.00Operations and SafetyFranklin Fire Co #1
AFGNJ-03 $ 111,429.00Operations and SafetyWestampton Fire Department and Emergency Services
AFGNJ-03 $ 86,667.00Operations and SafetyTabernacle Rescue Squad, Inc
AFGNJ-04 $ 67,938.00Operations and SafetyTownship of Ocean Fire District 2
AFGNJ-04 $ 52,637.00Operations and SafetyJackson Fire District 3
AFGNJ-04 $ 81,449.00Operations and SafetyTinton Falls Fire District No. 1
AFGNJ-05 $ 86,182.00Operations and SafetyHackensack Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 213,715.00Operations and SafetyHillsdale Volunteer Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 117,000.00Operations and SafetyEnglewood Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 96,667.00Operations and SafetyDemarest Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 750,000.00Vehicle AcquisitionNew Milford Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 175,637.00Operations and SafetyMacopin Vol. Fire Co., The
AFGNJ-05 $ 60,000.00Operations and SafetyLodi Volunteer Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 34,928.00Operations and SafetyPhillipsburg Emergency Squad, Inc.
AFGNJ-05 $ 142,477.00Operations and SafetyGood Will Fire Company #1
AFGNJ-05 $ 14,477.00Operations and SafetySouth Hackensack Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 10,477.00Operations and SafetySkyline Lake Volunteer Fire Department
AFGNJ-05 $ 22,728.00Operations and SafetyTownship of Teaneck
AFGNJ-05 $ 189,715.00Operations and SafetyErskine Lakes Vol. Fire Co. 1 Inc.
AFGNJ-06 $ 84,734.00Operations and SafetyLaurence Harbor Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 23,596.00Operations and SafetyHigh Bridge Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 72,728.00Operations and SafetyFlemington Raritan First Aid & Rescue Squad
AFGNJ-07 $ 310,455.00Operations and SafetyRaritan Township Fire Company
AFGNJ-07 $ 178,729.00Vehicle AcquisitionTown of Dover Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 185,000.00Operations and SafetySomerville Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 71,490.00Operations and SafetyRocky Hill Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1
AFGNJ-07 $ 198,096.00Operations and SafetyQuakertown Fire Company
AFGNJ-07 $ 457,040.00Operations and SafetyWashington Township Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 49,964.00Operations and SafetyTown of Dover Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 73,376.00Operations and SafetyTownship of Roxbury
AFGNJ-07 $ 70,477.00Operations and SafetyClinton Fire Department
AFGNJ-07 $ 23,172.00Operations and SafetyThree Bridges Volunteer Fire Company
AFGNJ-08 $ 120,755.00Operations and SafetyNorth Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue
AFGNJ-09 $ 345,239.00Operations and SafetyNorth Arlington Fire Department
AFGNJ-09 $ 42,858.00Operations and SafetyPalisades Park Fire Department
AFGNJ-10 $ 282,000.00Operations and SafetyVerona Volunteer Fire Department
AFGNJ-11 $ 135,282.00Operations and SafetyWest Essex First Aid Squad, Inc.
AFGNJ-11 $ 181,819.00Vehicle AcquisitionWest Essex First Aid Squad, Inc.